Andrew Hosak is a veteran of the advertising field, co-owning one of the largest advertising firms in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has over 20 years experience conceiving and writing successful ad campaigns as well as writing, directing and producing over 100 television commercials for local and regional broadcast, including the high-profile Sierra RX commercials starring Robert Wagner and Jill St. John.

He has also written over 100 radio spots and a multitude of print ad campaigns for clients at the local, regional and national level. VIRGEN, Inc. has garnered over 100 awards for excellence and creativity in the advertising field. Most of Andrew’s career has been spent writing in one form or another. He has a collection of over 600 movies on DVD and studies the genre rabidly.

Andrew’s screenwriting focuses on features with strong character-driven plots. He is currently working on his 4th screenplay and has entered several screenwriting festivals where his work has made it into the advanced judging rounds.

Andrew believes great stories are a mix of emotions and should leave your audience laughing at one moment and crying the next. But at the end of the show when the final credits are running, you should want to sit a few moments…waiting to exhale.